Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moving In

I just finished moving the last files over from to the new domain,


  1. Hi! I really love mathdoku, but every time that I play and check my answers, the pop up says that I should try wiyhout any hints, but I never ask for hints!!!

  2. Hi again! I notice you guys solved the problem I reported. Thank you veeeeeery much :) Lov'ya

  3. Did something change in the last day or so? Maybe it's just my machine, but I can't finish most games without it going to one of the ad's (that I didn't click on) and each square shows number combinations as dropdown lists I can choose from - but I don't want to see those.

  4. It would be helpful if in the Select Game window you could enter a game number. I have some friends who now use your site and it would permit each of us to play the same game and compare our times

  5. Using Google Chrome browers, the clues are almost invisible. Could you please use darker characters ?

  6. Golly - for all the fun your website has given me, it looks like someone at your end has "lost interest" or lost track. You have a comments link - doesn't work - and heaven knows whether anyone will read this, much less "care."

    Just thinking that your no-op module - something I've tried recently and like! - might profit from the inclusion of possibilities that I don't think are there at present - things like 1x3=3. That is, I've never seen them in the std Mathdoku, but maybe they would work. Otherwise, one gets a little too automatic - "3" as the result in a "2-box" shouldn't (?) always be a 4 & a 1.

  7. I love your MathDoku android app. You might almost say I'm a MathDoku addict.

    You've created the best online Ken-Ken app I've ever found -- way better than the online Ken-Ken game on the NY Times website.

    A recent update unfortunately added a bug. I can no longer close the app without turning my whole cell-phone off. That's a big problem for such a MathDoku addict. The rest of my life is in danger of sliding off my radar screen entirely. :-)

    I hope you'll be able to resolve the problem.

    Many thanks!
    Mary Applegate

  8. When I go to print a puzzle, the printer at first delays, then starts to print a few lines and then pauses for about 30 seconds before it finishes printing. It's been doing this for about 2 weeks now.